Friday, 11 February 2011


No, it's not enough " said the man in the sky, so he can't walk, talk, move his hands and arms, eat, or keep his head up because his neck is weak. His business folded because he chose the wrong partners, so he can't provide for his family as he always did. What does he still do that he likes? "
I know, he likes a coffee in the morning and a glass of ginger beer in the evening. Now he will get a bad chesty cough whenever he drinks. That will be good for a laugh."

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  1. Please tell us about your achieving daughter and son, your wife's golf handicap (-is she able to get out and play sometimes?), your latest interest in the origins of the Universe(!), your son's latest girlfriend, try to play down Chelsea when they are not playing so well! Rejoice that there are great teams around like Manchester United!!!! and Liverpool!!(provocation so that you can excercise some expletives). When are you going to a match again.
    Steve Evans last blog showed that he is buckling a bit under the stress too! Chris, Alan and I are thinking of you.
    I hope Kings get some PhD candidates to apply soon so that the critical research can be got going- a start date of 1 April is now scheduled- we thought it was 1st January before!