Sunday, 15 May 2011

Brian 'Grandad' Lawrence's Speech

Sorry everyone to interrupt you but Julie has asked me to say a few words about my mate Steve.   He was such a talented guy a very successful businessman, a good musician and a loving husband and father.   He was so proud of his family and of all their achievements and loved nothing better than having an impromptu jam session -  playing his guitar and singing with Ben and when Abi got a first at Uni he was bursting with pride even though at the time he was very ill and I am proud to be an honorary granddad to them all.

Every Tuesday Dave Shave and Tony Sparkes and myself would spend the afternoon with Steve so that Julie could come to the club to keep in touch with her friends.    We either watched a film a comedy dvd or listened to steve’s jokes again and again but I am sure whatever we did -  he did appreciate it.   Thanks guys.

He had numerous and fabulous holidays and I am sure a few of his mates will want to tell you about them later.   One of my holiday memories of him was in a fantastic 10 bedroom villa in Portugal bought by Steve at an auction - it was magnificent and we all had great fun golfing during the day and Liz Young and myself fighting over the karaoke machine in the evenings.   We also went with Steve and Julie sailing around the Greek islands.   Anyone who read his “roger the cabin boy daily captain’s report” will have had many laughs - we certainly did.   What a treat to have him aboard.

After the diagnosis of motor neurone it was suggested we try to get an eye recognition computer similar to stephen hawkins.   I endeavoured to raise the money together with Graham Young and luckily for us all - Grant Needham was able to take the load from us - thanks Grant - and what fun Steve had with it.  His jokes were phenomenal and were never ending.   Poor Julie had to listen to them all day long.  It didn’t matter who came in doctors, nurses, care workers, builders, they all listened to his jokes.   I am sure you will agree with me Steve was a very very brave man and was able to maintain his sense of humour to the end.  

But we mustn’t forget Julie who lost 24 stone in weight - we used to call her big bird now we call her little sparrow.   Julie looked after him with extraordinary love and devotion and he told me many times how much he loved her and was grateful to her.

Steve embraced everybody at Cuddington he was always happy to talk and share a joke -  a joke and yet another joke with anybody at the Club.   Even John Terry (Chelsea and England captain) after playing at Cuddington was so impressed by his sense of fun that he put an obituary in the Chelsea match programme.    

I think you will all agree he was a fantastic member and I feel sure would have gone on to be a great captain.

Late breaking news - Steve has arranged to play golf with Seve Ballesteros tomorrow morning - he wont beat him at golf but he will make him laugh.

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