Sunday, 7 November 2010


£100K NEEDED : To fund a special research project. I recently attended a talk by a senior research professor at the MND Centre at Kings College Hospital London. In his talk he said, and put on screen, MND IS CURABLE. As you can imagine this caught my attention and my brother and I talked with the professor after the meeting. In subsequent emails it emerged that there is an opportunity to accelerate a research project that he thinks is very promising. The project will involve the employment of a phd student to be trained and dedicated to the project for 3/4 years. There will be five patients with mnd and five healthy people as a control group. Skin cells will be taken from all ten and these will be changed into stem cells.The stem cells will then, by special process , will be grown nto motor nerone cells, and these will then be treated with a variety of drugs to find one that destroys the gene responsible for deteriorating the motor neurons. This is a greatly simplified synopsis of the proposal and, whilst it offers no guarantee of success, for the professor to use the words " MND IS CURABLE " suggests to me that he believes that it is curable and that he has great hopes for this stem cell project.

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