Thursday, 18 November 2010

Tourrettes o f the eyes

Tourettes of the eyes :
last Thursday I attended a meeting of the Surrey Motor Neurone Disease Association at the Surrey Downs Golf Club. At first my eyegaze computer was not working properly insofar as the talk function had failed. That meant I could type in but not make it talk. So the meeting started with therapists from the Croydon neuro team talking about the services they provide to mnd patients. Now my friends Liam and Pauline, fellow sufferers, were with me. One side effect of mnd is when you become emotional it is hard to control it. If you cry you really cry and if you laugh you can't stop. This particularly effects Liam. Julie and I went out to phone smartbox to see if they could help get the voice working. They did and we returned to the meeting. I had been toying with writing a poem and without meaning to my computer spoke out at a particularly inapropiate moment they following words " mnd is a laugh a minute ". Now everyone looked round and Liam burst out laughing, as did I, and Liam had to leave the meeting until he stopped. having realised the effect I had I then became mischievous. The therapists were talking about a website that offers second hand disability aids, and mentioned hoists. the previous week Pauline had emailed me and Julie an example of a standing hoist being advertised on Ebay as a SEX AID. So I made the machine say " sex aid ". Liam lost it again and had to go out. at this point Pauline decided to lay into the Croydon neuro team pointing out the shortcomings she has experienced in their service. When she had finished Liam had recovered and returned, I then voiced, " Pauline is a battle axe ", and off we went again.

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