Sunday, 30 January 2011


a normal day for me starts with me waking up in bed, in the same position I went to sleep in, and either waiting for my wife to get me up or the two nurses who come every morning. They use a hoist to get me into a shower chair /commode. They shower me, shave me and dress me and transfer me to my wheelchair. Once Julie has had her shower and got dressed we go to Costa coffee for about 10:35. Then at between 11:30 and 12:00 we come home and I get on the computer and emails. Recently in Costa I have been reading "the girl with the dragon tatoo" on my kindle for pc. At about 5:00 we go to the golf club for a drink. At about 7:30 we come home and watch telly until the nurses come between 11:00 and 11:30pm. Occasionally I get a treat to break the Groundhog Day feeling. We might go to see Chelsea play, which I enjoy, or we might go to a medical appointment at Kings College Hospital or St Georges Hospital, or else we go to Kingston, shopping. Now when I was healthy and could walk and talk I hated shopping, so imagine how much fun it is when you are in a wheelchair and can't talk. funnily enough it is not so bad as it makes a change from the norm and defeats the Groundhog. Except when I get left in shop doorways and the bra department of Bentall's. Some might think that's a good thing but, believe me, sitting there for twenty minutes plus various women hovering closely looking at underwear made me feel quite uncomfortable and a bit of a perv.

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  1. Know how you feel, Steve; though I did love shopping, now hate it and only go for essentials. You always manage to make me smile, even when discussing the trials of MND- perv!!
    (Watched a brilliant Ray Winstone film called 'Everything' in which he hides in a wardrobe to watch a prostitute performing- it was all in a good cause in the end but you couldn't help thining,"What a perv"! whilst watching.) Poor you.