Sunday, 16 January 2011

new update for 2011

Recently I have been remiss in updating my blog. This is because I was ill over the Christmas period and to be honest I couldn't be bothered. But I am encouraged to get on with it by a number of naggers. So here goes. I have been to football, to Chelsea that is. Normally my son, Ben, takes me but he was away in Poland skiing. So my wife, Julie, stepped up even though she doesn't like football. she was not impressed when it poured with rain at evening match against Bolton. I have to admit this was beyond the call of duty. As I sit in front of the front row I don't get the benefit of the stand roof overhang and so we got soaked, or rather Julie did as I was well wrapped up. Chelsea won 1-0 which was a relief as the team that started the season with such promise, going seven points clear at the top of the premiership, suddenly imploded and lost or drew with teams the like of which they were previously beating by three or more to nil. This was possibly a contributory factor in my lethargy as in my reduced mnd world football plays a more significant part. As if going to the Thursday evening match wasn't enough Julie took me again on the following Sunday to a match which Chelsea drew 3-3 with Aston Villa. Julie asked if she could bring a book to read and she says I said no but I don't recall that and I wouldn't mind really, I am just happy to see the games and Chelsea need me there. yesterday, Saturday 15th January, my son resumed accompanying me to football having returned from Poland and we had a good day watching Chelsea win 2-0 against Blackburn. Last Saturday Julie and I went out with Ben and Amy to the Star in Cheam for a curry. I enjoyed hearing about their skiing holiday exploits but not being able to eat anything with the delicious curry aroma was tortuous.


  1. Steve
    Glad to see that you 'are back'! I must say that I find it difficult writing my blog as I always seem to put such negative stuff in it. It even depresses me reading it!
    Loved Abbi's blog. /good to see that she is enjoying it; eventually.
    xx Pauline

  2. Steve
    You'd be better off going to the Gunners. We win and are better to watch - sis wouldn't need a book to keep her awake :)

    Sitting at SFO airport waiting for a red eye flight to Milwaukee via Dallas. Dying for a cigarette but i'll bear it.

    Keep blooging - love it.

    Love to all


  3. Hi Steve,
    I have just found my way back to your blogspher after my first look in October 2010. I have just returned from a meeting in cambridge. Sarah has flown off today to a show in Berlin and sh has left Hope for Jan and I to look after. She has just woken up. She is 8 months old now and is making lovely tut ta sounds.
    I got your blog address from Chris because i lost it amongst my old emails. Did you get my email yesterday?

  4. Hi Steve - it's good to read your blog. Chelsea certainly do need you and all of us there at the moment. Even though spirits are a bit low at the Bridge, I'm still optimistic that we will have a good go at the Champions League this year.. (I know, I've been smoking something!). I'd like to see us start some league games with Josh, Sturridge etc rather than bring them on late. Anyway, Liverpool at home next should be interesting! Cheers, Alan