Friday, 1 April 2011


Sunday : drank coffee at Costa. came home and sat in garden with Julie, Ben and Amy watching the drama unfold as the kitten was stuck 50ft up a tree. Sat on cabin verandah with Ben and Amy drinking early evening. Good day.
Monday : went to Costa and drank a whole caffe latte. Then home for emailing and a snooze, then to golf club where I was able to drink a glass of coke with ice with no choking. Good day.
Tuesday :at Costa first thing but found drinking hard and only managed one inch. Dave and Tony came round and we watched a Jack Nicholson film called About Schmidt, which was crap. I was conscious that I spent seven hours without moving anywhere so in spite of my pals visiting I was not happy. Found drinking hard that evening too. Bad day.
Wednesday :At Costa didn't fancy coffee so tried a fruit loop thickened. It was delicious but drank immediately before going in car with neck brace on. Coughed and choked all the way to Reigate where we were meeting Liam and Anna and Pauline and Leonard. Reigate Priory is a lovely park with a great cafe, lovely gardens and a large lake, and paths that are wheelchair friendly. On arrival Pauline was in her wheelchair in her car screaming at Leonard " you are a total and utter moron ".
She didn't think he had put the suspension down which is necessary before she can alight in her wheelchair.Liam and I were pissing ourselves laughing because we saw that Leonard had done it. As we walked into the park we heard Pauline apologise to Leonard, but I couldn't leave it there. In the cafe I, on my talking computer, asked Pauline to explain the difference between a normal moron and a total and utter moron. That evening we saw many friends at the golf club and I drank a lot of ginger beer. Good day.
Thursday :Costa where I drank half a latte. Then to St Raphaels hospice to spend time with other raspberries so Julie and I can have a break from each other and the hospice can get to know me in case I need to go in sometime. I was frustrated as my eyegaze machine wasn't working properly. To golf club in evening, choked on ginger beer a bit but got away with it. Not a great day.
Friday :1st April : Costa in morning where I managed a half cup of latte. sat down, I am always sat down but you know what I mean, and that's where I am now. Hope it will be a good evening, we have nothing planned but we will most likely think of something.

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  1. SAMANTHA ETHERIDGE2 April 2011 at 08:07

    You should have shares in Costa! When's Abi back - can't be long now bet you can't wait to see her. We're all good here, not much going on. Snow finally melted about 2 weeks ago but guess what - it snowed again on Thursday night so we still have white everywhere! Not too much but puts Spring back another few weeks. Need some sunshine so lovely to hear of you out and about in Reigate. Love to you all - see you in the summer x