Monday, 28 March 2011


The nesting kitten doesn't so much fly, as plummet.

how to spend a Sunday afternoon. The peace was broken by Amy screaming that Millie who is only four months old, was 50ft up a tree behind the log cabin and actually in our neighbours garden. Amy called the RSPCA who didn't make any promises other than to tell the local branch. So we settled in to wait for Millie to come down. Ben and Amy had a picnic. Millie miouwed
in distress from up the tree and we all helplessly watched on. Julie called Simon, the golf course manager at the course behind our house. He came down and had a look but said the cat was too high and as it's a fir tree it would be dodgy to put a ladder up against it and he doesn't have one long enough.
Then, after an hour and a half an RSPCA man turned up. He looked in the various trees and then Amy pointed to where Millie was and he said " OH MY GOD "
We tried the Fire Service earlier but were told they would not attend a cat in a tree until it had been up there two days. Anyhow, the RSPCA man said he would call the Fire Service and see if he could get them to help. He did and five minutes later a shiny red fire engine was outside our house whilst Amy was in the cabin applying war paint and perfume, it seems she has a thing about firemen. Ben decided to splash on some after shave saying " might as well cover every evelntuality. The firemen brought in a ladder which was too short, so they called for a longer one. Meanwhile Millie was doing her bit by keeping up the distressed kitten noise. A second fire engine turned up with a bigger ladder. They went into our neighbours garden and a fireman with a yellow helmet climbed up. He was close to Millie and shaking the tree, whereupon Millie decided enough was enough and lept out of the tree and landed on her feet in our garden, watching and made straight for the cabin and her litter tray.
So four months old kitten took time from the course manager of Cuddington, an RSPCA man, two fire appliances, and entertained us /frightened us for five hours on Sunday afternoon, and that was her first time out of the house. action cat reverted back to Smelly Cat, but what will she do next time she is out?