Monday, 28 March 2011


My wife received a call from Ben who was at work, saying he could not believe it, but he had just received a call from Matt, a best friend of Colin, my brother-in-law, who currently lives and works in Boston USA
Colin introduced me to Matt at Highbury when Arsenal were playing Chelsea some years ago [ when Arsenal used to win trophies ]. Colin advised that Matt was an Arsenal season ticket holder, but he really is a Man United supporter. I remember taking the piss relentlessly about that and Matt, if you are reading this, please forgive me. I remember my point was that Man United were top, Arsenal were second, and Chelsea were third, I think. I asked Matt who he wanted to win in the match we were about to watch, and he said Arsenal. I said " but if you support united surely you should want Arsenal to lose. He said " Arsenal are my second team and I don't like Chelsea. "
He had a season ticket for Arsenal because Manchester is too far and he liked to go to Highbury with Colin.
It turns out Matt had been told about my mnd and my blog by Colin and he was reading my blog entry in which I described what Ben does in recruitment for banks in the City. Matt had Ben's name and number, as he has a good job with one of the banks, and he phoned Ben and asked if his surname is Goodfellow and his dad is Steve. Matt explained that Colin and he had played a few rounds of golf together including a Pro-Am at Cuddington. We always had a great laugh. I remember that Matt was best man at Colin's wedding to Sam. The closest I came to being a best man was when I attended a wedding at a nudist camp. I missed being best man by an inch.
I hope Ben gets on with Matt as well as I did and maybe they will even do some business together.

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