Saturday, 26 March 2011


well my daughter came home for four days and we did some things, like going to see Chalet Girl, a new film, at the cinema. It is a chic flic but I enjoyed it and I owed my wife and daughter one as I got them to watch Due Date a few months back. It wasn't that bad except for a scene involving a masturbating dog
Anyway it was lovely having her home and we all went out for a curry on Wednesday. That is Julie and I, Ben and Amy, Abi and TAF [ The Arsenal Fan ], otherwise called Tom.
we went for a walk in Nonsuch Park and Abi took control of my wheelchair and showed me a beautiful sunset.
Ben took me to see Chelsea play Man City and Chelsea won two nil, which I think puts them back in the race for the premiership.
So the kids are looking out for the old man.
I am constantly amazed at both of them. Since Abi has returned to her Alpine home she has thrown herself entirely into learning how to snowboard. And I looked out of my window yesterday and saw Ben and Amy on the lawn planting vegetables together with the cats playing around them. How things change. What next, will Abi join a heavy rock band? Will Ben become a scholar? Unlikely but who knows?

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