Monday, 11 October 2010


This weekend just gone, I went to Brighton with my wife, Julie, my daughter, Abi, and my son and his girlfriend, Ben and Amy. We went on the pier, which is great fun but if you are in a wheelchair can be a bit bumpy and a head rattler.

I enjoyed it immensely even though I couldn't participate in the dolphin derby, the rollercoaster rides or the dancing machine. I was more than happy to be a spectator on those. On Sunday we were visited, for the first time, by Amy's parents, Terry and Jo. Amy is Ben's girlfriend. Hmm, meeting the parents, is this telling me something? Actually they were very nice, as is Amy, so I am not worried.

This weekend was not a good sports one as there were no premiership football matches and no major golf tournaments. I had fun anyway:someone once said "life is not a spectator sport ". Well as a raspberry, in a wheelchair, unable to use my hands, or talk, eat or drink, it certainly is a spectator sport.

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