Wednesday, 6 October 2010

My Speech

The Captain of Cuddington golf club has made his charity for the year the Motor Neurone Disease Association. In addition, Bernard Cullen, who is captain of Royal Mid Surrey golf club in Richmond has also made his charity the MNDA this. Between them they have so far raised, I believe, about £45 000.

Last evening Julie and I attended a dinner at Royal Mid Surrey held for the handing over of the cheque to the mnda representatives. After the dinner I gave a speech to around 150 people using my eyegaze smartbox computer. After this several people approached me and said how much they enjoyed it. One of Bernard's friends came and said he had Parkinsons Disease and that he found the speech "inspirational. I say this not to blow my trumpet but to show how the charitable contributions have helped me and others.

My speech :

'Ladies and gentleman, last time I was here I was unable to speak, except in quiet garbled noises, quite similar to how paddy cullen sounded on charity day, not undestandable to people other than my wife, son and daughter. I used to enjoy standing up and speaking at golf club events and I have to admit I was better known for my joke telling than my golf. in fact I was once asked to do an after dinner jokes speaking engagement at an old folks home. They all had Alzheimers. I told a joke and they all laughed. So I tried it again. They cracked up again so I told it fifteen times and received a standing ovation. as I was leaving an old boy came up to me and said, I don't know how you remember them all.

To be serious for a moment, last evening at my golf club, a friend asked me if I experience any pain with this illness. I answered, no, just discomfort and extreme frustration. Can you imagine having a severe, itch you can't scratch? And not being able to tell anyone. Well now I have this computer which I operate with my eyes, I can tell you about it. I can also email and text message from it so it has gone a long way to alleviating my frustration and sense of isolation. I therefore want to thank you for your support of the motor neurone disease association charity, as without the support of people like you the possibility of things like this to make living with MND more bareable would not happen. Thank you.'

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