Wednesday, 20 October 2010



a few years ago we took our kids to Florida on a two centre holiday. The first centre was near the Space Centre at Cape Canaverral. Once we had done the Space Centre we found there was not much else to do and we had several days to go before we could go on to St Pete's. So we went into a local Disney store and used a central hotel reservations phone as we had decided to have a few days at Disneyworld. Now I didn't know one Disney hotel from another and we booked the All Star Sports hotel. When we arrived in Orlando and found the hotel at Disneyworld we were not impressed. There were a number of very large people with drinks in hats and long straws into their mouths. They were all Rosanne family lookalikes. We decided it wasn't for us. So I picked up the hotel reservations phone in reception and an American lady's voice said "can I help you?" I explained that we hadn't appreciated what the All Star Sports was like and asked if we could upgrade to another hotel. She said " I'm sorry sir, but all the Disney hotels are fully booked at this time "
I said, "if I am completely honest with you, will you be completely honest with me? ".
She replied, " I am always honest with everbody sir. "
I said, in that case we are going to get along fine. Be honest when I ask you, if Bill and Hilary Clinton turned up unexpectedly today, would you be able to find them a room in a hotel better than the All Star Sports hotel? "
She was quiet for a moment, then said, " well ok, I suppose we would. "
I then said, " well to the best of my knowledge, they ain't coming, so can we have that room? "
She cracked up laughing and found us a very nice room in the Dolphin hotel.

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